Hi, I'm Sarah.

I'm the Owner/Photographer of Boudoir By Sarah. I’ve been shooting boudoir for 4 years (Photography in general for around 13 years) and have been teaching boudoir education for a year now! I am a mother of 3 (two boys and a girl) We stay busy to say the least. I’m a foodie, a traveler, an extroverted introvert, an opinionated but quiet person who really just wants to live in a world where fall never leaves and coffee is just as good for you as water. Boudoir is something I stumbled into and quickly became my passion. I’m addicted to making women feel beautiful, empowered and just over all on top of the world! There is no better feeling than knowing that my work and what brings ME so much joy, actually affects so many other people in such a positive way. I feel so lucky to have found something I love so much that simultaneously makes such a big difference in so many women’s lives. I couldn’t have asked for anything better! I have met so many amazing women, created friendships and have learned so much from each of my clients. It’s been a dream come true and I would love to work with you too! For information on booking your own boudoir experience please email me at boudoirbysarah@gmail.com or click the link above to fill out an inquiry form for pricing and info!