My must have furniture and decor when decorating a boudoir studio on a budget..

Decorating a studio to fit your style and make it aesthetically pleasing for your clients can be a nightmare if you aren't sure where to begin! I'm going to create a list (with links) to all my favorite pieces and also explain how I find vintage and/or used items to polish off my studio style.

First- If you have nothing else at all, at least have a mattress of some sort. Queen is bed, size wise. Here is an air mattress option I recommend if you don't have a bed of some kind yet. This one is slightly elevated for you can do half on the bed poses easily but not too high and its only $52 for the queen size.

Sheets are next! You'll want at least a couple sets. Do white or mix it up like me and use navy blue for a moody vibe. Here's some that are affordable and come in several colors.

Mirror- Decorative mirrors such as this one make great decoration as well as serve as a posing option. Against the mirror, in the floor in front etc. But you can also go with something a little less ornate and try this which is a sleeker option and a lot cheaper too.

Couch or chair(s) - If you have room heres (2) couches I have available in my studio. The mustard one here also comes in a couple other colors. My velvet green one is currently out of stock but ill link a similar one here. I have two old vintage chairs in my studio that I found at a yard sale and a thrift store. Always check your local thrift stores often for cool old finds. Here is a good versatile chaise that would work for many styles.

Sheer curtains for a large window are a must! Here's some affordable ones Ive used. I used 6 of the long panels to cover a full length window I use. Check your dimensions.

A nice fur throw- Here Great for posing, throwing on the bed or couch and using for a cozy set up

Candles- These are my absolute favorites and come in a few sizes. I love the way these smell and the jar is so cute. These give the perfect warm glow and sultry feel that I love. If you'd prefer flameless, these kind work well.

Add in thrift store finds like old books, you can paint them and use for decoration. Old frames can be hung and painted, or stacked on tables for added depth and simple decor that can change with the seasons. I also look for old cameras, vases, old perfume bottles, candle holders etc for pops of decor on tables and around the studio.

Make it your own! Hope this helps.