Where are you located?

I'm currently located in Elk City, Oklahoma but I am open to travel upon request.

Do I need to bring my own lingerie?

While you're 100% welcome to bring you own outfit options, I do provide a 60+ pieces client closet with sizes ranging from XS-3XL!

How long does a session last?

Typical sessions are 1 hour, minis (twice a year) are 30-45 min each and couples sessions are typically 2 hours. However, time may be added upon request for an extra fee if you choose.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

I work closely with an amazing hair and makeup artist. She's located in Elk City and during the booking process I will ask if you want to ADD her services to your session. If so, Ill set it all up for you prior to your session date.

What is included in a regular session?

A regular session fee includes 1 hr of studio time, use of client closet and an in-person image reveal between 1-2 weeks after your session. Right now Im offering in person reveals at my studio or another location that works best for you as well as online Skype reveal. All images & products are purchased separately after you have viewed your images at your reveal/order appointment.

Do I have to use your client closet?

Of course not! The client closet is there for clients convenience and is only meant to make your session prep easier for you! However, If you do feel like you would rather bring your own outfits, you are more than welcome to and I am still available to help you decide if you need. I have also put together a Pinterest board of ideas to browse, if you'd like help. Copy + Paste this link into your browser to view. https://pin.it/4XeJqRQ

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Here are some popular payment options with past clients.

⭐️ Session fee only- This option requires only the session fee ($199) down to book and choose a date. About a week after your session, we will sit down for your gallery reveal and you will see all your images and decide from there what you would like to purchase.

⭐️ Pre session Payment Plan - This option allows you to pay the session fee up front, book out as far as you need, choose a package of your liking and make payments at your own discretion. If your package is paid off by the time your session date comes around, you earn a freebie add on of your choice. There are several to choose from such as free hair and makeup, mini accordion album, retro view finder etc.

⭐️ Post session payment plan- Assuming you haven’t done a pre session payment plan already, post session payment plans allow you to wait until your reveal to decide on what package best suits you. At this point you will be required to put down 25% of the package total and the remaining 3 payments will be automatically withdrawn every 2 weeks after until your balance is paid, then you will receive your products/digitals.

⭐️ PAYPAL CREDIT- PayPal credit allows me to send an invoice via PayPal and you can use credit to pay in full at your reveal or as a pre session payment to earn freebies. *PayPal credit does run your credit and you must be approved to use this option.*
If you have more questions, dont be afraid to reach out. I'm here to answer all your questions.

About How Much Can I Expect To Spend?

There are multiple investment packages to choose from with most clients choosing to spend somewhere in the middle at $1599 + session fee.

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